Our Services

Packaging design and strategy

We help you design and technically execute your product from concept to consumer through to final execution, ready for display on your shelf.

● Sustainable development of new products and innovations.
● Rigid and flexible packaging.
● Labels, caps and secondary packaging.
● Aerosol products.
● Supplier and third party development and qualifications.
● Competitive analysis and market trends.
● Industrial testing and optimisation of production processes.
● Our aim is to help our clients make their projects as cost-effective and sustainable as possible. We will help them to think about packaging initiatives that minimise material consumption and maximise their user experience, both for the end consumer and for the rest of their supply chain.
● We will provide you with the tools to build your mission and vision together with the objectives you set for the year and accompany you in your organisational development.

Improving margins

In every organisation, margin improvement is a constant challenge. We will accompany you to deepen the areas where you can improve your costs and optimise your sales.

● Cost reductions.
● Materials, processes and suppliers.
● Optimisation of existing products.
● Innovation.

Technical training

We will help you to ensure that your staff is technically able to cope with the tasks on a day-to-day basis.

● Focused on your needs.
● Blow moulding, Injection moulding, Corrugated, Flexibles.
● Product Development Process.


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